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Now Booking - Review Tour for Contemporary Romance

Now booking a Review Tour for Fighting for Keeps by Jennifer Snow. This is a 70k word Contemporary Romance novel.

Tour dates: May 18 - 29. I have epub and mobi available. Please email me with your available dates as well as what format you would like.

Book Description: 

He's kryptonite. And she needs all her strength…

Noah Parks is the ridiculously gorgeous, motorcycle-riding, cage-match-fighting equivalent of kryptonite for Lindsay Harper. And she's going to need every last ounce of her strength now that she's the legal guardian of her brother's five orphaned children. For the sake of her new family, it's time to give up her carefree single ways. Stop being the cool aunt and become a parent. And fight this crazy attraction to Noah. Sure, there's a side of him she can't help falling for…the one who volunteers as a firefighter and helps at-risk youth. The irresistibly kind and caring side. But she is a nurse, after all. She can't love an MMA fighter, a man she regularly has to scan for physical trauma… Can she?


 “I wanted to ask you something.”
Lindsey waited. He was silent. “Go ahead,” she prodded.
“I was wondering if you would have dinner with me tonight.”
Seriously? The guy was wearing a hospital gown and booties and had half his body inside an MRI machine, and he was asking her out? Clearly the relaxation meds she’d given him were working. She hesitated. She wasn’t sure of Noah’s exact age, but she suspected he was at least four or five years younger than she, and given his chosen career, he wasn’t even on her radar of potential men to date. A fighter who put constant stress on his body and mind was not someone she would consider as a life partner—and at thirty-five, she thought maybe it was time to start taking relationships seriously.
“I have to work.”

 Find out more about Jennifer Snow here:

Now Booking - Review Tour for Contemporary Romance

Now booking a Review Tour for Monica's Match by Katya Armock. This is a 62k word Contemporary Romance novel.

Tour dates: May 1 - 15. I have epub and mobi available. Please email me with your available dates as well as what format you would like.

Book Description:

Monica has the ability to see a guy’s aura light up the first time he touches his soul mate, but she’s kept it a secret since her parents shamed her as a child. Still, she decides to start her own matchmaking company—even if she doesn’t advertise her unique ability. Business is so-so until she gets a call to find matches for the singles of the small town of Perry Grove. She’s not looking for love herself but has an immediate attraction to one of her clients. Too bad another woman lit up his aura.

Hunky dairy farmer Jeremiah wants nothing to do with his grandpa’s hare-brained matchmaking scheme but agrees to play along to appease the man who raised him.  But when he meets the sexy matchmaker, he starts to rethink his single status. Too bad she’s intent on pairing him up with another woman. If there’s one thing he knows, though, it’s how to be stubborn.


Monica Morgan slammed the door of her red Camry and kicked the offending tire for good measure. “Ow. Darn it!” Her sensible black flats were no match for the doughnut wheel. Smooth move, Sherlock. Get your head in the game. You need this job or your business is toast.

She took a moment for one deep breath then hurried to the entrance of the Perry Grove United Methodist Church. Before she reached the double door, it swung open and Ed Thompson greeted her with a kind smile. His white hair was a bit shaggier around the edges than when they’d met in person seven weeks ago. She’d spent that afternoon in Perry Grove meeting with only the town council, as she had a strict rule that she couldn’t come into contact with any potential bachelors or bachelorettes in public.

That edict had raised a few eyebrows, but in the end she had sold them on her “process” with no mention of the true reason for the rules. No one needed to know she saw a guy’s aura light up the first time he made physical contact with his soul mate. In a public setting, even one as small as Perry Grove, she ran the risk that more than one woman or man could brush against a man at the same time and mess up Monica’s aura-reading mojo. So she insisted on one-on-one intake interviews with each client early on. Then she oversaw each potential couple’s first contact with no other parties in the room under the guise of wanting to see their first impressions of each other in a closed environment.
Now that she was here for her extended stay, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson would be her hosts for the next month.

Mr. Thompson held the door for her. “Glad to see you made it in one piece. Lucky you were close enough you could make it on a doughnut, but now that you’re here, Sherman’ll get it fixed right up for you. He already ordered the tire. It’ll be in tomorrow.”

Pasting on her best professional smile, she headed down the walkway, hoping he hadn’t witnessed her meltdown. “Glad to be here and to see you again, Mr. Thompson.”

The crinkle around his cornflower-blue eyes deepened with his smile. “At your service. And I told you before to call me Ed. Now let’s get you settled. We have the bachelorettes from the dating pool in the fellowship hall downstairs and the bachelor in an adjacent room, as you requested. Pat Staley—she’s the church secretary in case you don’t remember her—called all the men for today to let them know the appointments have been pushed back a few hours.”

She did remember meeting Pat briefly, as she had made a point of recording everyone’s name, occupation, and relationships in the town. “Thank you for taking care of that, Mr. Thompson. I apologize again—”

He waved a dismissive hand as they reached the stairs. “Ed. And there’s nothing you can do about a flat tire except deal with it.”

She rolled her shoulders to ease some of her tension. She hated being late. “So your grandson is still up first, correct?” An involuntary shiver echoed through her just thinking about her first client’s dimpled smile and the striking blue eyes that stared at her from the photo she’d received along with his profile information—and how inappropriate that thought was. No dating clients.

“Don’t look so glum, girl. No one blames you for being late. Although, I should warn you that Jeremiah isn’t too excited to use your services. I have to admit I strong-armed him a bit, and he’s been stuck in the Sunday school room for a few hours. I was afraid if I let him leave, I’d never get him back, if you know what I mean.” He laughed and winked conspiratorially.

Find out more about Katya here: 

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Special Promotion - SPRING SALE!

Spring has officially sprung! So, to celebrate the warmer seasons coming around, Red Moon Book Tours is offering a SPRING PROMO through the month of April. If you refer a friend to book a tour at full price from now through April 30th, you will receive a $5 discount towards the next tour you book with Red Moon. In addition, your friend will receive a $5 discount towards the second tour they book with Red Moon.

Only the referred tour needs to be booked before April 30th (the tour however, does not have to take place in April, I am booking for May and beyond right now). The $5 discounts are good for whenever you may need my services...in a week, month, year, etc! 

After Discount:

Cover Reveal - $10  $5
Release Day Blitz - $15  $10
One Week Tour - $20   $15
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Review Tour - $20  $15
Review/Spotlight Tour - $15  $10

Contact me at redmoonbooktours@gmail.com and make sure to tell all the authors you know!

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Now on Tour - Always Love You by Shirleen Davies

Two week tour for Always Love You by Shirleen Davies kicks off today! Schedule below, And make sure you enter the giveaway!


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April 2nd
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Bio: Shirleen Davies writes romance—historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense. She grew up in Southern California, attended Oregon State University, and has degrees from San Diego State University and the University of Maryland. During the day she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find redemption through love and acceptance.  She now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona.

Author links

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Release Day Blitz! Eternal Fires by Ally Shields!

Today is the release day for the final book in the Guardian Witch series by Ally Shields, Eternal Fires! Blitz Schedule below!

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